Building a Better Brand Through Social Media


Before you are able to sell your products or services, convert followers to customers, build your brand’s authority, and gain a tremendous following, you have to let people know about your brand’s existence first and foremost.

How do you effectively achieve those objectives?

Through the savvy use of social media.

Research shows that a staggering 71 percent of brands are considering investing more in social media in order to successfully build their brand reputation and gain new followers.

Understandably, more brands are also beginning to appreciate the importance of investing in a social media course in order to achieve the aforementioned goals.

Apart from investing in a social media course, below are some of the ways you can build a better brand using social media.


Opt for platforms that support your brand image.

Statistics show that people use social media not just once but several times a day, cementing its reputation as one of the best mediums you can use to build your brand.

Unfortunately, while there’s an endless list of social media networks nowadays, most aren’t worth investing time, effort, and money in.

If you are in the process of picking the right social media platform to be active in, below are some of the good ones that should make it to your list:


Facebook is hands down considered by many to be the best network there is when it comes to promoting awareness.

And thanks to its heterogeneous user base, it is considered ideal when promoting virtually any brand.


While this has not taken off as well as predicted, it is still considered the best site to use when targeting men in the technology industry.

This belief can be attributed to the fact that at least two-thirds of the network’s active users are men working in engineering and other technical professions.


Pinterest is deemed the best social network available when targeting women.

The social media site is also ideal for brands selling clothing or jewelry.

Create content that is both shareable and valuable.

Without doubt, building a superb reputation is much easier if you are able to provide content viewers would willingly want to share.

When creating content for social media sharing, it is advisable to keep the following principles in mind:

Every content you share should support the image you are looking to project.

If you want to use humor to build your brand, make sure you do so effectively.

Keep in mind that humor is challenging to pull off.

If you are not sure as to how your readers will react, it would be best to forego experimenting and stick to what you think would resonate best with your target audience.

Don’t shy away from using visual content.

Research shows that content with images receive a whopping 94 percent more views.

On Twitter alone, contents with accompanying images often receive twice as many views compared to content without images.


Determine the kind of content that will gain the most visibility.

Check your data.

Take note of the kind of contents that are shared widely and ensure you post more of those.

Leverage social media influencers.

While posting valuable content is crucial, it is only one part of the equation.

If you are a new player in the industry, leveraging the power of the current social media players in your industry will do your brand a whole world of good.

You can pull this off by:

  • Mentioning their names or citing their sites in your content. Those influencers with Google alerts (or other notifications set up) will eventually see your name after you publish the content.
  • Tag social media influencers you have referenced when sharing your content on your own social media profiles.
  • Let influencers know you’ve referenced them in your work.

The goal is to hopefully get them to share your content with their own followers.

While building up relationships that result to influencer sharing is no walk in the park, it will eventually become easier as long as you consistently produce content that are of impeccable quality.