He walked his boardroom selling experience, and street smarts into a busy Technology tradeshow booth in Vegas, met with an available top executive, and showed them an idea and a system – the amazing thing is that they agreed on the spot. He then used the system to help take that product line from almost zero presence, to top market share in its space, nationally, then globally.


The company was Canon, their broadcast communications group. This was validation for his selling system, which was born and created four years earlier, while at a national sales event, where sam decided to use some downtime and hike into a rainstorm in the Arizona desert. He says that by being in the rain and the elements, he was able to realize, and identify many things. He originally named it on the spot – as Bravo Rain, and through several years of tweaks and accomplishments, he now calls this system – BRASS!  And it stands for Bravo Rain Acceleration Selling System. It is based on systems that even early man embraced, systems that use genuine and real laws of momentum, pivots, psychology and the all too diluted “Human-Protocol”, as he calls it. He says that the “Significance of Reason”, in terms of “thought”, outweighs everything else. He goes on to say, that too many people have fallen for the whole “Fake it till you make it” Mantra, along with “Walk the Walk” and “Talk the Talk” – what happened to “Think the Think”? he says – He elaborately points out how things work together, to produce desired and expected results – and that to fuel these right “Synergy-Rings”, we need to be mindful of our “Compass” – and five key parameters of daily awareness, Action, Tenacity, Focus, Vision and Ethics. Each representing a finger in his business handshake! Once this basic building block is in place, then we have “Momentum and Traction” – the wheels. The system, BRASS, goes on to build on this in such a way, that it becomes very repeatable and teachable to any size teams – and replacing the short lived hype of a motivational event, with a lasting, genuine and true Kinetic-Fusion of “process with progress” – which is one of the synergy-rings that his newly published book, The Best How To Sell Book: Think The Think, clearly constructs. Sam bluntly poses the question, “Why pay for a STATIC event, when what you really need is a KINETIC process”.

Sam says that the book is not for everyone – especially if they are so dependent on fake mantra. However, it will challenge you, if you can handle he truth! – then the benefits are expected, and some, unexpected.

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