Embroidery on the Rise! Bet on the Trend to Look Cooler

Embroidery on the Rise! Bet on the Trend to Look Cooler

Moment here and there, attitude shirts are the thing of the day. In the same wave of custom patches, which are also dominating the closet, most of these t-shirts carry fun or empowering messages.

The nice thing about embroidery is that, besides the most popular models – like the words “feminist” or heart designs – some brands give you the option to customize and write whatever you want, to make your face unique and good.

To make the look even cooler, it is worth investing in a GG model, very wide, and use even as a dress.

And if you need to give that indirect, you can bet on an unobtrusive prick.

Another alternative is to take the sewing kit and do the up-cycling yourself with an old t-shirt. What about?

You can get many ideas from tumblr and pinterest. On the internet, the trends don’t just come from the catwalks anymore. Most of the things we have been using today, both in fashion and in decoration, have actually come from internet panels! One of these cutest trends ever: t-shirts with mini embroidery!

To me, t-shirts are the simplest and most basic pieces of our wardrobe. They don’t need much to develop and even less to match the look. But even so, they are constantly undergoing renovations! For example, we already had the time for super t-shirts, elongated t-shirts, and phrase-printed t-shirts, and now it’s time for super-delicate embroidered t-shirts. Quite unlike anything I’ve ever seen before!

The embroidered t-shirt this time has no flashy stones and no machine embroidery. The embroidery is now the one with the face that Grandma made, completely handmade and homemade!

The more basic the t-shirt, the better! And the embroidery comes in any corner, pocket, collar, blouse or even sleeves. The styles of embroidery I have seen most in the inspirational photos are phrases.