How to Determine Your Design Project Size?

Determine Your Design Project

Every business has its own size, but when it comes to a web design project, the size can vary. Digital businesses that have something for sale online, usually need a bigger web design project size. Read below how you can determine your design project size.

Determine Your Design Project

1-Syntax Lang. Determining your syntax is a big choice in web design. If you have a smaller website that has minimal pages, usually, HTML is a great choice. However, PHP is another choice which is much more flexible for small websites and large websites. PHP gives the comfort of upgrade at any time because it is very compatible with many different web integration to become powerful.

2-Database or No Database. Will your website require a database? Most companies may be making very large annual sales,but on the web, there is a different measurement of ‘big’. Identify if your company requires a database and if so, what database does it require? There are many different databases. Hadoop is known as one of the biggest databases and mySql is another database for small to medium sized projects.

3-Web Pages? Identify how many web pages your website will have. Some websites are in the 10 range, while others are in the hundreds range and some in the thousands range. The more pages a website needs, the more time for a web designer to create.

4-Blog. Most websites have an active blog up and running. WordPress is the number one choice for a blog online as it is very easy to use and customizable as a script. WordPress is connected with mySql.

5-Competitors.  Track competitors of the same field and see what size their website is online. Of course, businesses have different things to offer, but tracking your competitors is a great way to gather knowledge.

As mentioned above, there are 5 amazing ways to predict your design project size. Ntw Designs is a web design company that is known to have years of experience in designing websites and brand identify for companies around the globe. If you are designing your website on your own or going to a web design company to design your website, keep in mind the 5 points above to determine your web project size.