What is an Immigration Notary Service, and How to Find One?


Immigration notary services are usually immigration consultants that have notaries public as their staff or as independent contractors. Immigration consultants have notaries public as their staff because their clients need notary services on a regular basis. A notary public is a state-certified individual permitted to witness and verify the signatures on important documents. A notary public makes sure that the person claiming to sign the document really is who they claim they are. A notary public does this by seeing a valid identity including a photo.


Finding a notary service is usually easy. If you are preparing your immigration documents, your immigration consultant may have one in or near their office. Many banks also have notaries public to facilitate their customers. Check your bank if they have a notary public. They may even provide you the notary service free of charge.

Courthouses, city halls, county and local town halls also have notaries public to assist the public. Many notaries public can be found near document printing, business, or shipping services. This makes sense because when people need printing and business services, they often need to verify the integrity of documents and signature for legal reasons.

People are increasingly finding notary services through internet searches. Internet search has a number of benefits over other methods. First, you do not need to go to anyone to find a notary public. You can search while sitting in your home or even if you are on the go. Internet lets you find immigration notary services near your location, and you can then call them for any additional information.

If you do not want to travel to a notary public, you can search the internet, call the notary public, and ask them to come to your address to sign your document. This is known as a mobile notary. It does cost extra, but it may be worth considering given that you save traveling cost and precious time.

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