Lotus Evora 400 Review and Price



Though for a layman Lotus is somewhat similar to Ferrari or several similar racing cars like Porsche, McLaren and Ford. Yet, it has just a single similarity that it is a car manufacturing company similar to Ferrari, Ford, and Porsche. Besides the quality production and winning several Formula one races the company owners are struggling for their existence a proof of which is the hiring of three CEOs in a single decade, However, Lotus Evora is designed and presented in a way to earn the glory for Britain’s.


There are several things associated with Lotus Evora that is incredible yet one can enjoy excellent braking with the car. It has a four piston caliper that has the capability to stop a vehicle that is about 1000 pounds heavier from this car.


The engine for new Lotus Evora is provided by Toyota and it is quite unique. The engine for a car is quite light in weight besides being massive in size. Heart for the car is a 3.5 Liters supercharger and intercooled V-6 engine. Lotus Evora is a mid-engine car just like it’s all other family members thus enough torque can be attained and a results in a powerful vehicle.



This is the fastest car that Lotus has ever produced. It provides excellent road grip and top speed. The car is assumed to be for sale in 72,000 pounds in the UK. The price is quite adequate according to the market when you are competing with Ferrari, McLaren etc.


Lotus Evora comes with three different drive modes i.e. Drive, Sport, and Race. These modes have different throttle response and variable controls for braking and road grip. Though the braking pedals and damping are kept same for the all three modes yet it suffices for the road of every kind. It produces 71 pounds downforce at 150 mph.

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