PPC – Essential for your Online Business

PPC – Essential for your Online Business

Pay-per-click is one of the most practical and effective advertising models out there. If you own a business and are looking for some positive traction, you need to get your website rankings on the first page of a search engine search. SEO or search engine optimization provides a strong core for your website performance and PPC (pay-per-click) allows you to compete with the bigger players.

If you are an ambitious business owner then you will have to emulate the big companies to an extent. All the big brands use paid search advertising. It is part of their continuously successful marketing models.

A Simple Explanation

In a pay-per-click model, you essentially pay the search engine each time someone clicks your ad. It is an established fact that people who use search engines barely go to the second results page. The ads that pop up on the screens immediately are the ones they will click. That is essentially where you want your ad to show up. A one-dollar click can lead to a hundred-dollar sale. The money you pay the search engine is your bid for the most searched keyword. For example, if you are selling women’s shoes, you would want to bid on words like ‘stiletto’ and ‘pumps’. These are terms which shoppers are likely to type in Google (and other search engines). The price you pay for a keyword depends on the level of competition and the scale of the market. A lawn mowing service in a Texas town would be bidding far lower rates than a nationwide insurance provider.

PPC – Essential for your Online Business

Now that you are familiar with the basics of the model, here are some reasons why PPC works for a business website.

A Controlled Model

PPC works for all types of budgets. The great part about having a PPC campaign is that you have a lot of control over who sees your ads and in what scenarios. You do not need to break the bank to start a pay-per-click set-up for your company. All you need is a functioning and optimized website and access to platforms like Google AdWords. Choose the time of the day when you want your ads to be shown, or specify a certain social demographic if your product is a niche one. Local businesses can restrict their ads to a specific geographic location.

Data-Focused and Transparent

PPC allows you a fast entry into the competitive space – which makes it very useful when you have a rebranding or a seasonal campaign to advertise. Compared to SEO primed for organic search, which can take several months to show results, PPC impact can begin in a matter of days. You can also control costs by analyzing the click-through rates and extended data that can be easily downloaded. Pay-per-click will flood the advertiser with a lot of data. If used wisely, this data will give you a clearer picture of not just your business performance but insights into your customers. As the campaign gets older, you will have a larger body of information which can be used for future strategies. Many companies use the analysis from their pay-per-click campaigns to formulate marketing strategies in the physical world too.

Because of the easy measurability and traceability, a PPC model can be integrated into your marketing and business goals. After all, it is all statistics – there is nothing subjective about pay-per-click. You can also get industry level PPC data to use for your own strategies.

Ease into PPC

Pay-per-click is something you need to gradually get comfortable with. It is always recommended that you outsource your campaign to an agency with expertise. In the long run, you will save a lot of money as constant monitoring assures an efficient spending model.

Your ads are very important. Think of yourself as an internet user. You are searching for something on Google and a few ads show up. Which one would you click? So when you are writing the ads for your product, try to cater to the thought process of the customer. A badly written ad will lay all your technical strategy to waste. It is as simple as that.

It is quite easy to get carried away with such a comprehensive advertising model. PPC allows you so many customizations and features that certain errors may creep into your strategy and affect your revenue stream. PPC mistakes can prove expensive and there are times when you will not realize the errors until some time has passed. If you want to detailed analysis of the things you should not do, this website has the information you need.