The Dangers of a Broken Garage Door Torsion Spring

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The torsion springs that help your garage door open and close are under tremendous tension. When one of these springs breaks, it can be a dangerous situation if not properly addressed. Garage door torsion springs store an enormous amount of potential energy and their failure can release it explosively with enough force to cause injuries. That’s why it’s crucial to only have experienced professionals like Garage Door Spring Repair in Glen Allen handle the job of replacing a broken torsion spring.

garage door spring repair Glen Allen

Signs It’s Time for a Replacement

There are some telltale signs a torsion spring may be starting to wear out. Pay attention if your door has become harder to open manually or close securely. You may also notice creaking noises or that the spring doesn’t properly wind up anymore when closing. These are warning signs it’s on its last legs.

When an old spring finally snaps, it could potentially whip around violently. A failed torsion spring is nothing to play around with. Always call in a qualified garage door technician for safe replacement if your spring exhibits any concerning symptoms.

The Importance of Safety

Replacing torsion springs requires special expertise, tools, and safety training. The work involves dismantling, disconnecting cables, adjusting spring tension and reassembly – all while managing a large amount of potential energy. One wrong move can send the spring or its end winding spiraling out of control. That’s why this job is best left to garage door companies with proper OSHA rated safety restraints and shields.

Professional Installation Process

A garage door pro will follow a careful protocol to safely replace failing torsion springs:

  • Securing the section: Wall brackets, bearing plates and other hardware hold the door securely in place.
  • Releasing tension: A winding bar detaches the ending coils from the shaft, releasing spring tension gradually so it may be removed.
  • Removing old parts: The wound-up springs and fittings are extracted carefully.
  • Installing new springs: Properly rated springs are mounted and initial light tension applied before winding fully.
  • Testing functionality: The new springs are wound further and checked that they lift and lower the door correctly.
  • Installation completion: All components are tightened securely and safety is verified before the job is signed off.

Just a small mistake during torsion spring replacement can have devastating consequences. Leave this potentially dangerous task to the experienced hands of qualified professionals with the right tools and training.

When to Call a Pro

Don’t attempt to swap out faulty torsion springs yourself. Contact a garage door company instead if:

  • You’re unsure how to properly release tension safely.
  • You don’t have the necessary winding bars or safety restraints.
  • Your broken spring shows signs of imminent failure.

With so much power under high pressure, a small error can be life-threatening. Always err on the side of safety by relying on “Garage Door Spring Repair in Glen Allen” for smooth, professional garage door spring replacements.