Three Things You Must Know About Workers Compensation Program


Workers Compensation Program can be a lifesaver if you ever face work-related injuries or diseases. However, you must know about some important things, says a social security attorney in Tacoma.

Ask Before You Join

If some kind of work insurance is important for you, enquire about the Workers Compensation Program or any other applicable insurance before you join, says an experienced workers compensation attorney in Tacoma. If the company has any written material, read it thoroughly. You can also visit state’s worker compensation office ( for further information about the program.


Report All Work-related Injuries and Illnesses

If your doctor tells that your injury or illness might be work-related, report it immediately. Reporting means telling about the injury or illness to the concerned authority like your HR department or a designated supervisor. Your company will give you an incident report to fill out. And if you do not get a letter or call from an insurer adjuster, follow up with the concerned authority in your company, told a social security attorney in Tacoma.

Visit an Appropriate Medical Provider

In the case of an emergency, do not try to choose your medical provider, and go wherever the ambulance takes you. However, in nonemergency situations, you employer may ask you to go to a particular doctor, clinic, or hospital. Furthermore, remember to tell the doctor or the hospital employees that your injury or illness is work-related, pointed out an experienced workers compensation attorney in Tacoma. Usually, the paperwork at the hospital has an option to specify if your injury or illness happened at work. Remember to check this box. If your employer asks you to choose your own doctor, make sure that your chosen doctor is approved or certified to handle workers compensation claims.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to consult a workers compensation attorney. Losing workers compensation may aggravate your sufferings.