Tips for Setting up a Printing Company in Hampshire


Before starting a printing company in Hampshire you must write your service in a few sheets, for example:

  • Pre-print: what services do you offer before printing? (Digitization of images, touch-ups, print tests, advice on printing materials, images, photography, restoration, creation, etc.).
  • Printing: what kind of material can you print? (Posters, advertising, black and white, color, color HD, diptychs, leaflets, folders, business cards, invitations and menu cards).
  • Formats available: what sizes are you going to work with? (A4, A5, large sizes etc.).
  • Do you offer photocopying? Color and black and white.
  • Do you work with recycled sheets?
  • Other services: what other services do you include in your business? (Creating, editing or correcting reports, theses, books, catalogs, works, transparencies, black background etc.).


Market and prospects

  • Market research: You must investigate and follow up on your competition. What they offer, how they offer it, which their suppliers are, what the market rate is, how the online presence is, how the customer service is, etc. This will serve to better focus your business, “copy” the key points and improve on the weaknesses of your competition.
  • Study of potential clients: You can do surveys on the street, via the Internet, via mobile devices or email. Ask the users what they want, how they want it, when they want it, how much they are willing to pay for it, where they want it, at what time, by what routes. Ask them also for suggestions to help you focus your business even more.
  • Locating your business: After defining where they are and how your customers are, they will help you better define where you are going to locate your business, how much space you need.

Defines the methods, platforms and strategies you will use to attract customers. If it is by social networks, by traditional means, leaflets, brochures, word of mouth or all advertising together.