The Story behind Poonam Bhagat & Jaidev Shroff Divorce


The divorce between the renowned businessperson Jaidev Shroff and art patron Poonam Bhagat is making rounds in both social media and local news of Mumbai. Both of them are making serious criminal allegations against each other. Jaidev Shroff, a well-known businessman and the CEO of United Phosphorus started his second marriage life with art patron Poonam Bhagat in 2005. But this journey couldn’t go well and halted in October 2015.


Apparently, the main causes of their device are Abuse, Art Fraud and Black Magic. Bhagat and Shroff met while he was busy in the divorce proceedings of his first marriage. Both Bhagat and Shrof know each other from their childhood and but it seems like they don’t know each well enough.

Things started getting on the wrong track within just six months of their wedding. Their marriage remained for 11 years and during this time both of them didn’t seem to be happy with each other. In April 2016, it was Shroff who decided to take some legal action against Bhagat and filled FIR saying Bhagat has performed Black Magic on him. In the same month, Shroff provided further evidence in both video and audio format in which Bhagat can be seen/heard talking to baba. In his first hearing, Shroff requested Court to ban her second wife Bhagat from entering his home in Pali Hill.


Bhagat on the other hand didn’t sit quietly and took a counter action by filing for the Anticipatory Bail against all of the charges and allegations Shroff made against her on 20th April, 2016. She moved ahead and made serious allegation of domestic abuse against Shroff.

The case hearings are still ongoing in hopes that justice is done. So, let’s see what happens in this story.